Young professionals programmes

With roughly half of Basic Element’s employees under the age of 35, the group prioritises the educational, professional and personal development of its young employees to foster the next generation of business leaders. The Young Professionals Programme seeks to provide employees with educational and volunteering opportunities.

Key youth-oriented programmes at Basic Element:


Basic Element has a long tradition of organising mentoring partnerships with the group’s more experienced employees to help younger colleagues grow and develop professionally.

Flexible education and professional development

The group’s integrated corporate education and professional development system is available to all staff members fr om the very first day of their employment at Basic Element. The system allows employees to select the most efficient learning techniques that meet their individual requirements and enhance their professional competencies.

Support and encouragement of participation in community development programmes

Basic Element supports the volunteer initiatives of young employees that contribute to the development of the regions wh ere the group operates. Basic Element implements a range of programmes focused on encouraging young people to develop promising social projects and bring them to life.

Social benefits

The group provides a range of social benefits for young employees, including housing, health insurance, financial support for graduate studies and more.