Key priorities

The aim of the Basic Element development is to strength the leadership of companies in Russia and abroad, the promotion of industrial, economic and social development of the Russian regions, and ensuring environmental safety and protection of the environment.

Strategic priorities of Basic Element group of companies till 2025 

  • Create 100,000 jobs at modern, technologically-advanced production sites across Russia with a high quality of management
  • Contribute to the development of a modern industrial center in Eastern Siberia by completing large production and infrastructure projects and investing more than USD 25 billion by 2025
  • Ensure that the group remains competitive in terms of management and production technology
  • Strengthen the group’s status as an Employer of Choice, being a center for development and implementation of best business practices
  • Become one of the top three leaders by efficiency in the key sectors of economy through implementing production systems
  • Create the necessary conditions to achieve and strengthen the footing of those companies which are already in the top three market leaders in the construction, energy, metals and mining, and machinery sectors