Community investment

Basic Element’s programmes of community investments and development are aimed at improving the living conditions across the areas of the group’s operations. The group’s community support projects address a wide range of social issues, ensuring consistent progress in the socio-economic development of Russia’s regions.

Key community support projects:

Social infrastructure in Russia’s regions

Basic Element group companies build, renovate and furnish social infrastructure facilities, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, libraries and sports complexes.

Kuban Agroholding

For the last five years Kuban Agroholding has invested over RUR 220 million in social and community projects. It has donated RUR 62 million to schools, kindergartens, as well as children’s creative teamwork and sports teams. The company has also provided financial support of RUR 16 million towards a new kindergarten building for 120 children in Razdolnaya (Korenovsk district, Krasnodar Region).

The company founded the United Veteran Organisation which has more than 7,000 war veterans, widows and retired persons. Throughout the year the company provides financial support for veterans as well as making home visits and honouring them at special anniversaries.


Basic Element collaborates with leading Russian universities, providing them with financial support and modern equipment. The group awards corporate scholarships and cooperates with university professors to develop curricula that help graduates to meet the up-to-date requirements to professional competencies.


RUSAL cooperates with universities, which educate specialists for mining and metallurgical industries. The company aims to improve the quality of higher education and is involved in the development of higher and specialised education in Russia. In partnership with the best Russian and foreign universities RUSAL implements projects such as a Russian-French educational programme, individual scholarships and grants, an annual student conference, training at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, internships in companies, as well as target student learning.

Healthcare sector

In addition to helping build and renovate medical facilities, Basic Element group provides financial support to medical centers and polyclinics to equip them with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

Basel Aero

Aviation sector enterprises provide continuing support to help treat children in clinics in the Krasnodar region and beyond. Basel Aero regularly helps children in need of urgent and expensive treatment. During 2010-2013 the company donated more than RUR 600,000 for medical operations. The funds for this purpose are allocated in Basel Aero’s annual "Charity instead of souvenirs" campaign.


The companies of the Basic Element group implement programmes aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting the development of sports in Russia’s regions. The group’s companies build and renovate sports complexes, organize sporting events and coordinate summer camps for children and young people.

Kuban Agroholding

Every year, over 1,000 Kuban Agroholding employees participate in the Big Sports Holiday, competing in a range of sports including volleyball, football and relay races. The day is open to friends and family as well as colleagues from across the group. Tournaments between Agroholding’s various business divisions are organised throughout the course of the year.


Basic Element supports and promotes volunteering initiatives across the country, with a particular emphasis on training volunteers who are involved in a variety of the group’s social projects.


Development of volunteer initiatives is a fundamental part of RUSAL’s social involvement policy. The company supports the growth of a socially responsible society through creating an environment that encourages citizens to take an active part in the life of the cities they live in.

Helping is Easy is one of RUSAL’s corporate philanthropy projects engaging the company’s employees in volunteering activities including help to non-profit organizations, social, educational and medical institutions, orphanages, nursing homes etc.

RUSAL’s Social Program Centre received a grant from the Russian Ministry of Economic Development for Helping is Easy project in 2013.

In 2014, RUSAL’s corporate volunteering program was named “The Best Philanthropic program engaging the youth in the social economic development” by the 2014 Corporate Charity Leaders award.

For Media

Regional media companies, part of For Media group, carry out both temporary and one-time campaigns aimed to support social initiatives. Avtoritetnoe Radio (based in Krasnoyarsk) has raised about 10 mln rub for the Help Children campaign since 2006. BST TV channel (based in Bratsk) has helped 70 orphans to find families over the last four years as a part of the Family Album campaign. BST has also raised 1.2 mln rub through Goodwill Marathon project for treating severely ill children. ATV TV channel (based in Achinsk) holds an annual children’s talent contest Sozvesdiye (Constellation). In 2013, over 200 children took part in the competition. Abakan media holding (based in the Republic of Khakassia) carried out a regional song contest Siberian Super Star in 2013. Channel 12 and STS Prima (based in Krasnoyarsk) hold an annual Green festival on the Tatyshev Island that usually draws thousands of the city’s residents. The festival is considered one of the most important cultural events in Krasnoyarsk. 

Pony Express

Pony Express provides free-of-charge mail and cargo delivery services for charity organisations such as Downside-Up (which helps children with Down syndrome), SOS Children’s villages (which helps orphaned children) and others.

Arts and culture

Basic Element sponsors the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theaters and supports the development of local museums and cultural centers, and invests in the preservation of the unique cultural heritage of the Russian regions.


The "Renaissance of masterpieces" programme aims to popularise masterpieces and save national values. In this programme, RUSAL helps the art museum of VV Vereshchagin, located in Nikolaev (Ukraine), to restore and refurbish works of art. The company also promotes the museum and increases its visitor numbers. The project is implemented in partnership with the Kyiv Institute of Restoration of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine and the Nikolaev regional administration. To date, 12 paintings by famous Russian artists have been restored: Chumakov, Aivazovsky, Vereshchagin, Perov, Saryan, Repin and Sudkovsky. According to the museum’s administration, statistics show that the project has helped to increase the number of visitors by more than 15% every year.

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