Basic Element’s sustainable development strategy is based on the recognition that it is connected to the employees, communities and the environment which are all impacted by the group’s facilities. Respect for the people and the environmental and cultural heritage of the regions where the group’s facilities are located drive the group’s programmes.

Basic Element takes a holistic approach to sustainable development. All areas of the programme, including community investment, environmental management and innovation projects are integrated into the growth strategies of each of the group’s companies.

Basic Element implements projects targeting the development of Russia’s regions, providing social and professional support to employees, modernizing production and building new facilities that meet the highest environmental standards.

Basic Element’s companies and facilities are located across all the federal districts of Russia. Directly or indirectly, the group’s operations impact a great number of people – employees and their families, partners and consumers. Commitment to local communities, development of social infrastructure and environmental stewardship are the group’s top priorities and key factors in making business decisions.