20 September 2017

RM CNG produced first mobile gas filling station for Gazprom GMT

RM CNG, a part of Russian Machines Corporation consolidating the machine-building assets of Basic Element Group,  has produced, certified and supplied the first RM STARK one-container mobile natural gas filling station to Gazprom GMT. As expected, four stations will be delivered to the customer till the end of this year.

The RM STARK CNG (compressed natural gas) filling station was designed by RM CNG. It is a dual-compressor unit packaged into one 45-foot container. The system uses Italian compressors while key other components such as the gas meter, dryer, gas storage vessels, the safety system and internal pipelines are Russian-made.  Total localization level is 70%. Mobile CNG filling stations are manufactured at RM CNG’s site in Nizhny Novgorod which has production capacity of 50 stations and 300 dispensers per year.

A mobile CNG filling station occupies little space, does not require complex civil construction and installation work and can be put into operation within a short period of time. The container can be transported by truck, rail of ship. RM STARK designed capacity amounts up to 43,200 nм3 compressed gas a day (1,800 nм3/h) which is enough to serve a fleet of 200-300 buses.

Three more one-container CNG stations will be produced by RM CNG for Gazprom GMT till the end of 2017. As expected, RM STARK mobile natural gas filling stations will be put into operation in Moscow along Moscow Ring Road.


Andrei Ryzhnikov, RM CNG CEO:  

- Launching production of mobile filling stations under our own trade mark RM STARK we enter the market of natural gas filling modules which can operate in the most remote areas. Stationary and mobile compressed methane stations will form the basis of modern refueling infrastructure, help boost the demand for gas-powered vehicles, allow customers to use natural gas, a fuel which is environment-friendly and widely accessible in Russia, and at the same time save money as methane is just half the price of diesel.


Sergey Arzumanov, Russian Machines executive vice president for CNG:

- The development of the CNG vehicle market is among Russian Machines’ top strategic priorities. We are the country’s leading producer of CNG vehicles as GAZ methane-powered buses and commercial vehicles are enjoying growing demand nation-wide. Today our objective is to provide modern, cost efficient and high-tech filling solutions and, working hand-in-hand with our partners, to create an extensive network of filling stations. At Gazprom GMT’s request we developed and presented our own one-container CNG filling module, RM STARK. It took us just one year to do that which is extremely fast. We hope that the customer will fully appreciate the advantages of the station and this deal will become the first step on the way toward extensive and sustainable cooperation. 

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