15 July 2017

Four project teams are shortlisted to develop the Imeretinsky lowland

“Basic Element", one of the Russia's largest and most dynamic diversified industrial groups announces the results of the first stage of the international competition to design a master-plan of the post-Olympic development of the Imeretinsky lowland “Imeretinka 2.0 project”.  

According to the results of the first stage the Jury has determined the shortlist of four project teams most consistent with the terms of the competition. Thus the second, final stage of the competition to design a master-plan of the post-Olympic development of the Imeretinsky lowland in Sochi resort city “Imeretinka 2.0 project” will include the following international consortiums:  

  • Leader: KCAP; partners: SystemicaMLab, AB "DOM"

  • Leader: MAXWAN; partners: CU "Reserve", MASA

  • Leader: ARUP; partners: "Urbanica" 

  • Leader: AZPLML_GroundLab; partners: ITD, Severin group

During the second stage the contestants will be required to develop project proposals in accordance with the competition task and present them at a meeting of the Jury on October 30, 2017. The Jury will choose the best project proposal and the winning project team. Four finalists of the first stage were selected from 16 project teams, most relevant in terms of their professional expertise and successful experience.

Project teams with successful urban development experience, including in the use of statutory means for regulating land use policy and managing territorial development were  invited to participate in the competition. Contestants were selected with regards to the interdisciplinarity of the project consortium's team, formed with experts in the field of urban planning, transport planning and architectural design. Experience of designing and implementing projects in the Russian Federation were taken into account. A mandatory condition was for the consortium to have a Russian team, whose portfolio contains examples of developed land use planning documents.

The main aim of the international competition is to achieve high-quality urban and socio-economic impacts of the post-Olympic development of the Imeretinsky as an all-season resort and living area. The outcome of the competition must be the creation of a master-plan with a phased development of the territory and a defined architectural appearance of buildings of the project's first phase “Imeretinka 2.0 project”.

The Jury of the competition consists of Heads of federal, regional and city authorities, international experts in the field of architecture, urban planning, transport, leading representatives of the scientific community, managers of development companies and others.

The competition was initiated and financed by “Basic Element”, one of the Russia's largest industrial groups. Consulting company “Novaya” is the project operator. For more detailed information about the terms, stages of the competition and members of the Jury please visit official website: www.imeretinka2.com.

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