18 August 2017

GAZ Group launched production of GAZelle NEXT in Turkey

GAZ Group, one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in Europe and an exporter to more than 40 countries, a part of Russia’s leading industrial diversified group Basic Element, has launched the production of all-metal van and combi van GAZelle NEXT in Turkey.  New models will become a serious addition to the drop-side and cargo and passenger versions of GAZelle NEXT, which have been produced in Sakarya since 2014, and will significantly expand the range of modern, reliable and multifunctional commercial GAZ vehicles on the Turkish market. More than 200 modifications of vehicles for different business purposes will be produced in partnership with Turkish manufacturers based on four basic models.

GAZ Group has launched the production of a cargo all-metal van and combi van GAZelle NEXT in Turkey. The main components for the production of vehicles are supplied from Russia, as well as purchased from Turkish suppliers. The first cargo all-metal vans and combi vans GAZelle NEXT, assembled on GAZ production site in Turkey will be available in the Turkish market this autumn.

Distinctive features of cargo van GAZelle NEXT include large body space, high functionality and the richest in its class basic configurations. Body space is 13.5 cubic meters. Special roof insert allows for transportation of long cargo up to 5 meters long. Easy access to the cargo compartment provides quick and simple loading and unloading processes. Rear doors are blocked in the interim position of 90 degrees and in case of full opening at 270 degrees ensuring high maneuverability even in the narrow city streets. Basic configurations of the vehicle already include lining of the van side walls made of high-strength plastic and the floor coating made of the special waterproof and wear-resistant plywood that protect the cargo compartment from wear and damage. 

The cargo-passenger combi van GAZelle Next has the capacity of seven passengers and 9.5 cubic meters of cargo combining the advantages of a cargo van and a comfortable passenger van. The wide sliding door provides easy access to the rear part of the compartment. The rear seats transform into a comfortable berth. Special niches under the rear row of seats and under the roof above the front row allow for placement of personal possessions of the driver and passengers. Even the basic configuration includes the starting preheater by Webasto and 2 DIN car stereo.

The car is equipped with a light, compact and energy-efficient engine Cummins ISF 2.8 with capacity of 150 h.p. and with a torque of 330 Nm. A huge power and torque margin allowed for selection of optimal engine settings which provide long service life and excellent dynamic and traction characteristics with low fuel consumption. Even at full load the vehicle can be confidently operated in mountainous terrain and in difficult road conditions.

The use of a new plastic fuel tank, the volume of which has grown to 80 liters, provides a large fuel distance after one filling up. Frame reinforcements ensured better rigidity and reliability of the vehicle structure.

One of the main design features of GAZelle NEXT - is a double wishbone independent front suspension -  with high reliability and specifically designed for intensive vehicle operation under full load. Together with the rack-and-gear steering, brake system with dual power reserve and spacious and comfortable cabin, this suspension provides great steering and high-level ergonomics and comfort.

Up to 200 modifications may be introduced based on GAZelle NEXT: delivery vans and refrigerator trucks, dump trucks and repair trucks, ambulances, shop cars and food trucks.


Pavel Sereda, Director of Light Commercial and Passenger Vehicles of GAZ Group, Head of the subsidiary of GAZ Group in Turkey:

- Launch of production of all-metal vans GAZelle NEXT - is the third stage of development of our production site in Sakarya after the start of production of GAZelle Business in 2012 and GAZelle NEXT in 2014. By launching new models we establish our own subsidiary in Turkey which will boost our growth in the domestic market. We plan to develop dealer network, expand the range of vehicles of local assembly and actively cooperate with Turkish companies that are able to produce specialty models based on our vehicles.


Chingiz Yuksel, Head of Assembly plant of GAZ Turkey:

- Specifically for the launch of production of all-metal van GAZelle NEXT we have modernized and readjusted assembly equipment, which now works with a new type of body. International quality standards of GAZ Group used in the factories regulate all production processes allowing us to get a product meeting the highest quality standards.


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