7 March 2017

Sochi International Airport was recognized as the best in the world

Sochi International Airport has once again become the best airport in the quality of passenger service. As a result of an authoritative international study Airport Service Quality (ASQ) of Airports Council International (ACI), the Sochi Airport took the first place in three categories:

  • The best airport with passenger flow of 2-5 million

  • The best regional airport with passenger flow of  2-5 million

  • The best regional airport with passenger flow of  over 2 million

On January 1, 2015, Sochi International Airport became a member of ACI in ASQ area and participated in an international study of the quality evaluation of passenger service. ASQ Methodology provides a quarterly evaluation of the airport work in different categories. In Sochi Airport, a survey of departing passengers on the quality of service was conducted. This survey was initiated under the study throughout the year.

The study in 2016 was attended by 600,000 passengers in over 284 airports around the world; 84 countries evaluated 34 key service characteristics, the most important of which are: access to the airport, check-in, safety, staff’s politeness, navigation and the atmosphere at the airport, canteens and stores, and more. Thus, according to the passengers’ opinion, the best airports in the world were identified.

ASQ study is an initiative of the Airports Council International and it is conducted quarterly in an independent, professional and neutral manner. The results of the study are recognized as the benchmarks for the leading world airports in the area of passengers’ satisfaction.

According to the results of the work for 2016 Sochi International Airport has reached high level. Thus, on December 1, 2016 the airport served the five millionth passenger from the beginning of the year. It was for the first time in the history of the air hub. In August, the airport handled more than 30,000 passengers per day. The reached indicator exceeded the daily passenger flow of the period of large-scale international events in the resort town. Moreover, July 19, 2016 Sochi Airport set a record for the number of handled business aviation aircrafts per day. The indicator for the business aviation sorties was more than 30 operations.

Sochi International Airport is one of the major aviation hub in Russia. It is also among the top five airports in the country on the number of passengers. The airport became the “Air Gates” for the XXII Olympic Winter Games, the Russian stage of “Formula-1”, World Choir Games, the International Investment Forum, the International “Russia-ASEAN” Summit and many other major events.

We remind that Sochi airport has already become the best airport in Europe for the quality of passenger service according to the results of the study in 2015. The airport was awarded in two categories – “The best regional airport with passenger flow over 2 million passengers per year” and “The best airport according to the passenger flow and the region with the passenger flow from 2 to 5 million passengers per year”.

Leonid Sergeev, CEO of Basel Aero:

“In 2016, Sochi International Airport relied on the improvement of the service quality and technology development. One of the main tasks for us is the development of self check-in in the airport, which aims to reduce queues at the check-in area. Thus, the number of self-checked passengers reached 30% of total passenger flow. Moreover, one of the major projects in the field of service quality improvement is Service Blue Printing, which involves the development of behavior and communication standards for employees during their interaction with passenger; skill training developed in terms of clients’ expectations and desired feeling of service when visiting the airport. This year, the airport will continue to work on improvement of the skills applying the best international practices, which combine safety, passenger flow growth and a friendly atmosphere”.

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