Professional development

Basic Element encourages and facilitates the professional growth of its employees. Over 100,000 members of staff are currently participating in training programmes. These are designed to meet individual development needs and to provide up-to-date skills vital to success.


Basic Element’s training programmes adopt a range of approaches, including:

  • Programmes focused on helping employees acquire new professional skills.
  • Training programmes for technical specialists.
  • Dedicated executive education and management programmes.
  • Rotation programmes that help replicate the best operational and managerial practices across the business.
  • Functional academies that enable specialists to exchange ideas and professional advice with colleagues.
  • Encouraging mentoring partnerships that enable young professionals to grow and develop by drawing on the experience of business leaders.
  • Distance learning programmes that allow employees to receive world class training at their workplaces.
  • Educating members of Basic Element’s leaders pool which includes the company’s future executive managers.

To ensure a more flexible and personalised approach to staff education, Basic Element uses modular learning programmes that meet the individual requirements of each employee.