Production system

Basic Element is committed to the principle of continuous improvement. This is known as Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy aimed at increasing value and reducing losses.

Production system principles:

  1. Long-term focus

    The production system creates a base of knowledge, experience and best practice, ensuring the group’s long-term growth through continuous improvement of production and business processes.

  2. Customer comes first

    Basic Element’s production philosophy involves an individual approach to each client. The group’s companies maintain a constant dialogue with their customers, analysing their requirements and working together towards the development of an end product that exceeds expectations at every level.

  3. People are the most valuable asset

    Employees are the company’s main resource and the foundation of its stable and long-term growth. The development and training of employees is central to the production system philosophy.

  4. Continuous improvement

    Kaizen is the Japanese term for “continuous improvement” and is central to the way Basic Element operates its businesses by focusing on constant and daily improvements that improve and maintain production efficiency.

  5. Focus on the workplace

    Gemba is a Japanese term which describes a workplace where the creation of customer value is at the core. It is the approach taken by Basic Element and describes a workplace in which improvements are made all the time. This is achieved by being close to the production process and empowering employees to make positive changes.