Key facts

>100 companies in RUSSIA

>15% of Russia’s
depends on Group’s businesses activities

~20 billion
invested in 10 industrial projects

Basic Element is one of the largest investors in regional development

500 million
invested in Russia’s social and economic infrastructure

>20%of regional
taxes paid by the Group’s companies

people work across the Group

>15,000 jobs

have been created over the last 5 years

  • Basic Element is one of the largest and most dynamic diversified industrial Groups in Russia.
  • The Group includes over 100 companies and facilities located in 19 countries across five continents.
  • Basic Element’s companies operate in some of the most strategically important sectors of economy, including metals and mining, energy, machinery, financial services, construction, aviation and agriculture.
  • Basic Element is one of the largest private contributors to the development of Russia's regions, with investments in the country's social and economic infrastructure totalling over USD 500 million.
  • Taxes paid by the Group's companies account for over 20% of Russia's regional budget.
  • Basic Element companies have invested about USD 20 billion in the development of 10 large-scale industrial projects.
  • The group’s production facilities play a vital role in supporting cities, including by providing infrastructure that allows many areas of Russia to function to their fullest capacity.
  • Basic Element is one of the largest employers in Russia.
  • The Group's facilities employ over 150,000 people.
  • In the last five years Basic Element has created over 15,000 new jobs.
  • Over 15% of Russia’s population depends directly or indirectly on the Group’s operations