Basic Element’s operations are based on up-to-date scientific, engineering and technological solutions, which the group develops both independently and in cooperation with the leading Russian and international engineering companies, universities and research institutes.

The key objectives of Basic Element’s innovation projects:

Minimising the impact on the environment

Basic Element places a strong focus on improving the environmental performance of its facilities. The breakthrough research and cutting-edge technology enable GAZ Group to create eco-effective transport, allow EuroSibEnergo to increase the generation of clean hydropower and help RUSAL to make the production of aluminum more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Creation of an inert anode technology

RUSAL’s largest innovation project is the development of a revolutionary technology to produce aluminium using inert anodes. The new technology will enable the company to completely eliminate hazardous emissions in aluminum production and replace them with pure oxygen.

RUSAL has in-house R&D, engineering and design capacities which enable the company to independently develop and implement modern eco-efficient production technologies. One of the main achievements of RUSAL’s Engineering and Technology Center is the development of a smelting process that uses colloidal anodes. The colloidal anode technology ensures a significant reduction in hazardous emissions.

Reduction of manual labor

Basic Element invests heavily in technology that improves production efficiency and reduce manual labor which is an important priority for the group. Modern technologies are regularly introduced at the group’s facilities. Coupled with Basic Element’s production system principles, this investment enables the company to optimise productivity across its business.

Production facility with an 85% level of automation

Gorky Automobile Plant has completed the construction of a light vehicle production facility with an 85% level of automation. A car body is produced by 44 robotic complexes comprising a total of 300 robots.

Raising production efficiency

The companies of Basic Element are implementing large-scale innovation projects aimed at improving the efficiency of operations through reduction of power consumption, improved productivity of equipment and reduction of waste.

Using technologies RA-300, RA-400 and RA-500

RUSAL owns proprietary energy efficient smelter technologies RA-300, RA-400 and RA-500

In 2003, RUSAL’s Engineering and Technology Center developed a new type of reduction cell operating at 320 kA. The new technology had enormous significance for the development of the Russian aluminium industry, enabling it to compete with international producers of aluminium. The major advantages of the RA-300 cell were high energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. In 2005 RUSAL developed the new generation of this technology – a RA-400 cell which operates at 450kA. In 2010 RUSAL completed the development of RA-500 cell which is a further improvement on the previous technologies, ensuring a more energy effective and stable production process.

Improving the quality of products

Basic Element works in highly competitive industries where the most important factor is the quality of the product. Basic Element strives to constantly improve the quality of its products to ensure they meet consumers’ requirements.

Light commercial vehicle of GAZ Group

GAZ group launched a large-scale project of new light commercial vehicle production – GAZelle NEXT.


The vehicle was developed using state-of-the-art design methods and unique production technologies. These include virtual design methods, a parallel design method (a technique that makes it possible to design a car and develop the technology for its production at the same time) and flexible prototyping technologies which deliver highly accurate prototypes.