100 Russian Engineers Who Changed Our Life


Basic Element, one of Russia’s largest diversified industrial groups, has launched a new publishing project, a book “100 Russian Engineers Who Changed Our Life.” The book, published in Russian and English, is dedicated to the development of Russian engineering innovations over the last 300 years.

One of the project’s main tasks is to attract attention of a wide audience to the undeservingly forgotten names and discoveries of Great Russian engineers and to restore prestige and importance of engineering professions.

A part of the circulation was sent to technical universities and largest public libraries in the regions where the group’s companies operate including Leningrad region, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk, Sverdlovsk and Krasnodar regions as well as the Republic of Khakassia. 

Basic Element’s book targets a wide audience.  

About the book

"100 Russian Engineers Who Changed Our Life" table of contents

A 500-page encyclopedia features over 4,000 unique illustrations of engineering masterpieces, photos and drawings. Leading Russian museums, private collectors and foreign archives provided information and illustrations for the book.

History of Russian engineering innovations...


The history of Russian engineering innovations in 18th-20th centuries is told in layman’s terms, illustrated with a large number of images, pictures, photographs and drawings. The destiny of each of the 100 inventions is portrayed through the life of their authors.


There are 11 chapters in the book. Each of them is dedicated to the specific milestone in engineering development in Russia, from the amateur inventors in 18th century to the industrial revolution and creation of the whole industries – metals industry, machine and aircraft manufacturing, film industry, military industrial complex, aerospace science etc.


The book features biographies of renowned engineers and inventors such as Mikhail Lomonosov, Pavel Yablochkov, Vladimir Shukhov, Pyotr Kapitsa, Vladimir Zvorykin, Mikhail Kalashnikov, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. But there are also the stories of those undeservingly forgotten inventors including Fyodor Blinov (the first caterpillar tractor, 1888), Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky (color photography, early 20th century), Gleb Kotelnikov (the first backpack parachute, 1911), Friedrich Zander (space shuttle design in 1920-1930). More than a half of the stories are about forgotten breakthrough in Russian engineering and technology.