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Energy is the key focus area of En+ Group’s business development. En+’s diverse array of energy subsidiaries creates a foundation for the Group’s growth, supporting the development of its metals and mining business. En+ Group’s development strategy for its energy subsidiaries include the modernisation and construction of up-to-date production facilities, increasing the generation of hydropower and carrying out projects targeting the development of the nuclear power industry. 

En+ Group’s key priorities in energy business

  • Strengthening the Group's geographical footprint, increasing the efficiency of operations and ensuring environmental safety
  • Building and commissioning new technologically advanced energy generation production facilities
  • Increasing the share of eco-friendly renewable hydropower in the overall volume of energy produced by the Group's production facilities
  • Developing Siberia's hydropower potential
  • Creating partnerships in research and production focused on the construction of small nuclear reactors — one of the most promising trends in the development of global energy industry


EuroSibEnergo is Russia’s largest private producer of electrical energy and one of the world’s largest producers of hydropower. The Group manages 18 power plants with an overall generating capacity of 19.5 GW. EuroSibEnergo is involved in all areas of the energy industry — from coal mining to generating and selling electrical power. The Group’s efforts to modernise production capacity and cut costs ensure a high efficiency of its operations.

  • EuroSibEnergo generates roughly 9% of energy produced in Russia
  • Over ¾ of EuroSibEnergo’s production capacities generate renewable and eco-friendly energy
  • The Group’s key assets are based in Siberia, which ensures their access to the buoyant market of China
Locations Krasnoyarsk territory, Irkutsk region (Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk), Nizhny Novgorod
Generating capacity

Electrical power – 19,5 GW (including 15 GW of hydropower)

Key production facilities

Hydropower plants (HPP): 

  • Krasnoyarskaya HPP (installed capacity — 6000 MW)
  • Bratskaya HPP (installed capacity — 4500 MW)
  • Ust-Ilimskaya HPP (installed capacity — 3840 MW)
  • Irkutskaya HPP (installed capacity — 662 MW)

Heat and power plants:

  • Heat and Power Plant №10 (coal-fired): installed electricity capacity — 1,110 MW, heat capacity — 563 Gcal/h
  • Novo-Irkutskaya Head and Power Plant (coal-fired): installed electricity capacity — 655 MW, heat capacity — 1,850 Gcal/h
  • Avtozavodskaya Heat and Power Plant (natural gas-fired): installed electricity capacity — 580 MW, heat capacity  — 2,074 Gcal/h
  • Ust-Ilimskaya Heat and Power Plant (coal-fired): installed electricity capacity — 525 MW, heat capacity — 1,340 Gcal/h
  • Heat and Power Plant №9 (coal-fired): installed electricity capacity — 475 MW, heat capacity — 2,457 Gcal/h
  • Heat and Power Plant №11 (coal-fired): installed electricity capacity — 350 MW, heat capacity — 1,285 Gcal/h
  • Heat and Power Plant №6 (coal-fired): installed electricity capacity 270 MW, heat capacity — 1,529 Gcal/h
  • Novo-Ziminskaya Heat and Power Plant (coal-fired): installed electricity capacity — 240 MW, heat capacity — 833 Gcal/h
  • Branch №1 of the Heat and Power Plant №9: installed electricity capacity — 185 MW, heat capacity —1286 Gcal/h
  • Small HPPs with a total installed electricity capacity of 67 MW and heat capacity of 1,522 Gcal/h
  • Boiler houses with a total heat capacity of 2,746 Gcal
Recent developments

EuroSibEnergo is conducting a number of program aimed at developing technology that will help meet the growing demand for eco-friendly energy. Together with ROSATOM EuroSibEnerho is developing a compact lead-bismuth fast reactor (SVBR-100). 

The costs of power generation at the Group’s HPPs is lower than Russia’s other power production sites. The fuel consumption at EuroSibEnergo’s heat and power plants is considerably lower than the average level in Siberia.

In 2010 EuroSibEnergo replaced the Bratsk HPP's wheels with more effective ones. The modernisation will increase the plant's generating capacity by 147.2 mln kWh per one machine. The amount of consumed water will remain the same.

Employees Over 27,000 people
Management Acting Chief Executive Office – Vyacheslav Solomin
Contact Information

3, Shchepkina st., Moscow, Russia, 129090
Phone: +7 (495) 720-50-85
E-mail: info@eurosib.ru

Krasnoyarskaya Hydropower Plant