Supporting environmental initiatives

Basic Element creates partnerships that implement programmes aimed at protecting the environment, promoting the principles of environmental stewardship and contributing to the environmental education of children and young people.

Key areas of Basic Element’s environmental partnership programmes:

Mitigating the climate change risks

RUSAL became the first Russian company to support the UN’s global initiative targeting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the major cause of climate change. RUSAL’s largest production facilities, Krasnoyarsk and Bratsk aluminium smelters, are currently implementing programmes to reduce the emissions of perfluorocargbons in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol.

Environmental monitoring

Together with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) En+ Group is developing a research project to determine the impact of power electric stations on the ecosystem of the Amur River. The project will define the key environmental factors that should be considered during the construction of new power stations on the Amur River.

Community investment

RUSAL actively cooperates with the Russian Geographical Society. In 2011 the partners organized an environmental event called Yenisei Day, bringing together volunteers who helped to remove garbage from the banks of the Yenisei river. 

Biodiversity conservation

Established in 1999, the Strana Zapovednaya foundation is a social-environmental project of private business and state organizations. It is aimed at the preservation of Russia’s unique eco-regions, stimulation of environmental initiatives and development of research in the field of nature protection. The foundation was set up following an initiative by Oleg Deripaska and Basic Element in partnership with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Bryansk Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Foundation was launched as part of the programme to engage Russia’s business in the UN Global Compact initiative to encourage socially responsible business development. Strana Zapovednaya is implementing a project to preserve the biodiversity of the Altay-Sayany mountain region. The project includes environmental monitoring, patrolling of protected territories and arranging special events aimed at promoting environmental awareness.