• Financial services

    Maintain leading positions in the financial services industry by offering innovative financial products and delivering high quality services

  • Construction and Real Estate

    Maintain industry and market leadership through the construction of technologically unique objects; ensure 20% annual growth in the infrastructure construction market

  • Metals and mining

    Reinforce the group’s leadership in the global aluminium industry by increasing the efficiency of operations, streamlining the capital structure

  • Energy

    Strengthen the group’s leading positions and increase power generation by developing environmentally-friendly energy resources

  • Machinery

    Increase the market capitalisation of the group’s machinery assets, develop innovative production technology and expand its geographic footprint

  • Logistics business

    Maintain leadership in Russia’s express delivery and periodicals distribution markets

  • Logistics business

    Create technologically superior transport infrastructure that meets the demands of the Russian economy

  • Textile manufacturing

    Increase the production efficiency whilst retaining the core traditions of textile manufacturing of the highest quality

  • Media business

    Ensure high ratings of the group’s own TV programmes, increase brand value and audience loyalty, and increase the market capitalisation of its assets

  • Agribusiness

    Develop the group’s agricultural business into a leading enterprise that is among the top three in Russia

  • Aviation

    Create Russia’s largest airport group by 2025 with annual passenger traffic of 20 million people

Basic Element is a major player in the global economy. Its subsidiaries operate across key industries including energy, metals and mining, machinery, aviation and agriculture.

The Group’s growth strategy is aimed at boosting its market capitalisation, improving its financial and operational efficiency, expanding and strengthening its geographic footprint, contributing to socio-economic development where it operates, and upholding environmental standards.

The financial services companies as Bank Soyuz, Ingosstrakh insurance company and Ingosstakh-Investments (the companies are independent from Basic Element and are in Oleg Deripaska’s investments portfolio) are focused on ensuring high quality customer service and expanding the range of products provided to keep leadership positions.

By 2025 Basic Element plans to become one of the world’s top three companies in energy and metals. It plans to create Russia’s largest airport group with passenger traffic of 20 million people per year. Basic Element also plans to develop its agribusiness into a leading enterprise that includes a state-of-the-art research and technology lab.

Basic Element’s long-term development program also includes a commitment to implementing a threefold decrease in emissions per unit of production by 2025. To achieve this, the Group has invested in large-scale projects aimed at improving its environmental performance. This program includes modernising and re-equiping production facilities, developing cutting-edge production technology, and increasing the share of eco-friendly power in the energy market.